Will your jewellery make my skin green?

In 99% of cases, no! We include the material of each item in its own individual product description so if you've experienced reactions to certain metals in the past, please make sure to check the description. Ultimately, skin reactions will be down to a combination of the metal alloys present in the jewellery and the individual acidity of your skin (and the acidity of your skin can change from day to day depending on your diet, your environment etc). This is not a manufacturing fault and simply due to the chemical reaction of your skin and metal. Skin truly is a weird and wonderful thing!

If you have particularly sensitive skin, we would recommend choosing sterling silver items where you can. You can also prevent skin reactions by avoiding contact with water and other chemicals found in body lotions and perfumes while wearing your jewellery; along with painting a thin coat of clear nail varnish onto the inside of the ring band or necklace chain to help minimise direct skin contact.

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