• I've received an email requesting security information, why do I need to provide this?

    For the security of us and our customers, sometimes when orders are flagged by our system as high risk we need to verify certain purchases to help prevent fraudulent transactions. In these cases we will require some form of photographic identification and your proof of address, but please be assu...
  • My Transaction was declined, why?

    Your card may have been declined for a number of reasons. - The address does not match the address on the cards records. - The postcode does not match the cards records. - The CVS/security number is incorrect. - The card number is incorrect. - Your card is not enabled for foreign transactions. F...
  • What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept payment via Paypal as well as Visa, American Express, Mastercard and Discover card payments. We also accept Shop Dixi Giftcards.
  • What happens if I spend more/less than the value of my gift card?

    If you do not spend the full amount on the gift voucher the same code will remain valid with your remaining amount - so make sure you keep that code safe! If you spend more than the value of the voucher (and we don't blame you!) you can simply pay the extra with PayPal or by card at checkout.
  • Where do I enter my gift voucher?

    Easy peasy! Click checkout and you can pop your voucher code in the gift card/discount code box. (This is on the first page of checkout so you can review your total before any payment details are entered) Just so you know, we are not able to apply gift vouchers to existing orders so if you enc...