My Transaction was declined, why?

Your card may have been declined for a number of reasons.
- The address does not match the address on the cards records.
- The postcode does not match the cards records.
- The CVS/security number is incorrect.
- The card number is incorrect.
- Your card is not enabled for foreign transactions.

For security reasons we don't have access to any payment details or further information on declined transactions, or have any influence over the authorisation process. First we would recommend double checking all the information you've entered is correct, otherwise you will need to contact your bank or card issuer for further assistance.

Payment is not taken by us when your card is declined, although it may temporarily show on your bank statement. This is because your bank 'releases' the funds but we have not 'captured' them. This process is automatically reversed but the time taken will depend on your bank or card issuer.

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